3 Tips for TV Advertising on a Budget

by Brandon Berte on January 14, 2016

There’s no doubt about it — promoting your brand doesn’t come cheap. And while the TV industry has been rocked to its core in recent years, it’s still the most effective channel (pun intended) for advertising.

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For cash-strapped businesses, TV ads may seem out of the question. Fear not! Follow these tips for TV advertising on a budget:

1. Go local. The cost of TV advertising certainly may vary as a result of when you choose to send your message, but what really has one of the greatest impacts on price is where you choose — is your desired channel broadcasted nationally or locally? For instance, Ad Age reports that running a TV spot in the fifth season of “The Walking Dead” (2014) cost an average of $400,000. On the other hand, a local television ad could cost you less than $100, depending on the market.

2. Build an integrated marketing strategy. Don’t spend your entire advertising budget in one place! TV advertisements should complement other (read: less-expensive) forms of advertising for a budget-friendly, cohesive campaign. Incorporate digital methods like social media, link building and search engine optimization to make the most of your TV ads.

3. Get involved in programs viewers want to watch. Can the concept of native advertising be applied outside the digital realm? It’s an idea that’s still being developed. But if brands can find a way to be a part of television shows that audiences are already watching, their advertising won’t feel as disruptive. Rather than interrupting a TV program to promote your brand, build your brand message in. It may not be inexpensive, but you’ll get more bang for your buck.

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