Even though the SuperBowl was a few days ago, some commercials have found a new life online.

SodaStream generated buzz before the SuperBowl.

Sodastream called out Coke and Pepsi in their ad. Because of that, it didn’t air during the SuperBowl. However, the YouTube video amassed over 11 million views as of the publishing of this post.

Some commercials included hashtags in their ads as a call to tweet.

However, Chevrolet Commercial “#PurpleYourProfile” asked viewers to join the American Cancer Society in bringing light to cancer by joining cancer survivors in changing their profile pictures to purple across Twitter and Facebook.

Esurance decided to avoid airing a commercial during the Super Bowl and aired it right after. As John Krasinski stated, Esurance saved about 30% or 1.5 million dollars by not airing the ad during prime-time. Therefore Esurance decided to give the savings to one of it’s tweeters. Twitter users had to tweet the hashtag #Esurancesave30 in order to enter.


After the commercial initially aired, the campaign generated 1.2 million tweets in the first hour.

The winner of the contest was announced on Jimmy Kimmel Live on late night TV. In the end, there were 5.4 million uses of the hashtag, 261k new twitter followers and a 12x increase of traffic to the website.

What have we learned during the Super Bowl? Just because you don’t get prime-time lights, does not mean that you are out of the game. After all, before the Game on Sunday, the Broncos had more social clout than the Seahawks.


Now that we’ve caught our breath, and the lights are back on, we can focus on our favorite Superbowl ads.

We gathered around the conference table the Monday after, and discussed. Here are the ones that spoke volumes.

Official Ram Trucks Super Bowl Commercial “Farmer”


Budweiser Super Bowl Ad 2013 – The Clydesdales Brotherhood

Viva Young – 2013 Taco Bell Game Day Commercial

“Space Babies 2014″ Kia Sorrento Big Game Ad

Volkswagen Game Day 2013 Commercial | Get In. Get Happy.

Doritos® – Fashionista Daddy

What are your favorites?