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by Brandon Berte on September 30, 2015

Creative Partners is not your run-of-the-mill agency. We’re an independent, integrated, full-service advertising agency specializing in brand marketing, public relations, interactive communications and social media. We work with brands that understand the need to inspire, connect, and stand out. Here’s a look at the industries we service and the work we’ve done:


  • Berkshire Hathaway – We’ve created billboards that evoke emotion. Our work aims to give consumers the opportunity to make memories with the people they love.
  • Filson – With a new interactive website, consumers can purchase Filson goods from the comfort of home. We built a simple, clean look that organizes products to allow for seamless transactions.


  • Capital One Bank – Creative Partners developed printed content for use inside Capital One locations as tools for learning. Posters, brochures, and advertisements are spread throughout for members to become educated on services offered.
  • Standard & Poor’s – Not only does this public finance company use print media for magazines and advertisements, but we also have created marketing collateral for them: an advanced brochure that contains relevant information in a straightforward, smooth design.

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  • CVS Pharmacare – Pharmacies need to offer consumers up-to-date information at all times. Print media featuring studies, results and satisfaction levels aid customers in maintaining their overall health level.
  • Danbury Hospital – Before watching most online videos, viewers see an advertisement. Whether seen with the eyes or listened to with the ears, these ads help grow awareness for places like Danbury Hospital. Creative Partners’ professionally produced videos pack a punch.

Higher Education

  • Harvard – It’s important for Ivy League schools to maintain a polished image. Creative Partners has been trusted with creating collateral brochures, email marketing campaigns and a new landing page. For our higher education clients, we focus on flawless designs that establish a brilliant first impression.


  • IQ Telecom – Powerful graphics and a unique design can take a website from mediocre to extraordinary. A company’s website is important not only in content, but responsiveness and design. This is especially true of businesses within the technology sector.

Creative Partners aims to satisfy your advertising needs, no matter the industry. We work with a wide array of companies and offer each client a personalized experience. Looking to give your business the branding power and recognition it deserves? Take a look at our website to view some of our work, and call (203) 705-9211 to get started today.


Tuition – what does it cost when a school changes their price? How plain pricing is user-friendly pricing.

In marketing, establishing the correct price of any product or service is a critical step prior to entering in the marketplace. We see it in IPOs all the time – enticing the consumer at a cost that seems reasonable to them – is the game. If you miss it, revenues can tank.

To complicate matters, pricing is influenced by the economy, inflation, perceived value, and many other factors. With education pricing, the relationship of tuition to career security and reassurance has not been in the forefront of the discussion until now.

In the higher education market, new online school offerings lower the cost of tuition overall, pricing becomes an even trickier issue. In this market, students and their parents seem to want to know the truth, give us the entire price. The current government is behind the movement to increase access to higher education.


All colleges currently are likely considering the pertinent issues behind President Obama’s 3 reforms:

1.    A new ratings system to measures whether they help students of all backgrounds graduate with a.) good career prospects and b.) manageable debt

2.     Affordable innovation at colleges

3.     Make paying student loans manageable


The NYTimes had a great article on this issue, “Getting Out of Discount Game, Small Colleges Lower the Price.” That’s great and all, but the very prominent colleges have to take a square look at their tuition. Is it pulling applicants in? Or pushing them toward other options?


Converse College (http://www.converse.edu) responded by “resetting tuition” down 43% (no hidden discounts and used-car style wrangling) and reported resounding success.

Promising not to raise tuition for a period of time is another tactic that can be effective, but right now, if you’re working in higher ed, talk with your team members about your school’s tuition and the message it conveys. Is your price a magnet? Or a repellant?



When Rutgers launched their mini-MBA programs, it earned attention!
The learning platform is on the iPad (the iPad is included in the tuition price) offering an accelerated program.
The courses have proven to be of interest and they have expanded their offering – so there are Virtual Mini-MBA and Online Mini-MBA programs. After program completion, I would be interested if professionals then add the letters after their name – not
Jane Karson, MBA but Jane Karson, mba or maybe Jane Karson, mini-MBA? Are the completion certificates the size of business cards?
The ‘register now, pay later’ feature is attractive, ‘flexible enrollment’ plans are features that appeal to an even wider pool of applicants, and even more than that, these programs are making Continuing Education look sexy. Convenience notwithstanding,  Rutgers is doing this right, the Mini-MBA programs look great.
If you’re looking to glamorize your higher ed programs, give us a call here at Creative Partners!
Thanks from Paula Landry, MBA (just the regular kind) 203/705-9205


The University of Bridgeport (UB) has changed the name of The Gallery at the Arnold Bernhard Center to the Schelfhaudt Gallery, in honor of Peter Schelfhaudt, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the advertising firm Creative Partners.

The official renaming ceremony was held on October 25 with the opening of “Images by iPhone,” an exhibition of work by fine art photographer Bob Poe that runs through Wednesday, November 21.

Mr. Schelfhaudt’s gift to UB supports the gallery, which originally opened in 1968 at the Arnold Bernhard Center, 84 Iranistan Avenue.

“Through exhibitions and visiting-artist programs, the Arnold Bernhard Center and its gallery have featured some of the most important artists in American art—from Robert Motherwell to Red Grooms, Louise Nevelson, and Alice Neel—to the great benefit of the University and the surrounding community,” said UB President Neil A. Salonen. “The generous gift from Peter Schelfhaudt ensures that we will continue to showcase some of today’s most inspiring artists.”

Mr. Schelfhaudt oversees the overall development of Creative Partners’ capabilities, network affiliate integration, resource management, and expansion.

“Artists provide unique insight into the human experience, reflect society, expose its humanity, and—ideally—lead and inspire,” he said. “I am pleased to support the University’s commitment to resurrecting the vitality of the Arnold Bernhard Center so that students and the local community can enjoy and participate in the arts.”

Originally published November 6, 2012 on the University of Bridgeport website.


Baruch College is one of 10 senior colleges of the City University of New York (CUNY), the largest urban public university in the United States. Located in mid-town Manhattan, the 160-year-old Baruch was ranked third by U.S. News and World Report on its list of Top 10 Public Colleges in the Region.


For the 2011 summer session, Baruch wanted to reach students enrolled in four-year institutions who would be returning home for the summer break. Often, students attend nearby schools to accelerate their coursework, to retake classes they didn’t pass or simply for personal enrichment.

New York City is a very competitive market when it comes to higher educational advertising. Baruch College is not only competing for students’ attention against other CUNY schools in Manhattan and the outer boroughs, but against a formidable array of excellent private institutions that include multiple divisions of NYU, Columbia, Pace and many others. Competition is so fierce, in fact, that competitive institutions have been known to sit on critical search engine keywords for Baruch, even bidding for the Baruch name. Baruch really needed to rise above the competition and stand out in the crowd.

Long-term, Baruch’s marketing director, Jeff Danowitz, also felt that print advertising, which was traditionally used by the higher education community for marketing outreach, was becoming less and less effective as the “digital native” generation came of college age. This resulted in declining newspaper readership among consumers 18-21 and created a general concern among the Baruch marketing team that newspaper ads were not reaching students at the feeder colleges – the audience Baruch was targeting for its summer programs.


Baruch wanted a medium that could target not only based on demographics, but also directly at students attending specific feeder colleges. Direct mail was considered too expensive due to postage and a genuine concern about the quality of lists; and, historically, e-mail open rates and conversions among unqualified prospects were underwhelming. A Google AdWords campaign was a critical part of the acquisition program, but Baruch wanted a more proactive vehicle rather than rely entirely on search engine marketing.

“We really needed to rise above the clutter,” says Danowitz, “and reach our target audience in a way that would be both efficient and extremely relevant to them.”

Working with Creative Partners, the college chose Pandora Radio to achieve this goal. Pandora is a leading Internet radio service with 51.9 million active listeners who logged 1.06 billion listening hours in the month of April alone.

Through Pandora, not only could Baruch target listeners by age, sex and music format, the school’s online advertising could target the .edu address or IP address of students attending each of the 53 feeder institutions. The campaign, which ran during the spring of both 2011 and 2012, delivered 50% of the ads via computer and the other 50% via a mobile device.

Thanks to the Creative Partners’ Pandora campaign, Baruch reached its intended target audience with pinpoint precision. Pandora generated more than half of all hits to the summer course landing pages – a total of more than 27,000 over a one-month period and 99% of all hits to Pandora came through mobile devices!

“The results from the Pandora campaign clearly showed us how to effectively reach our student target,” says Danowitz. “And it showed us the critical importance of going beyond search and being proactive. This is a lesson we will certainly take with us as we move forward.”

Baruch followed up this campaign with one for an MBA open house, using the same Pandora targeting and A/B split models. The results were equally successful, with 19,000 hits from mobile Pandora, resulting in a 60% increase in attendees over the previous year.

For more information contact Josh Moritz at 203.705.9209 or jmoritz@creativepartners.com.


Thomas College 30 sec TV spot

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Creative Partners exhibited at the ACHE (Association for Continuing Higher Education) Southern region conference held in Lexington, KY on April 24, 2012. Josh Moritz, SVP of Creative Partners spoke on social media, Pandora and online reputation management. This annual conference had 110 people attending from private and public universities located Kentucky, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Ohio, Alabama, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi and the Carolina’s.


We are pleased to announce that Creative Partners has won 6 Educational Advertising Awards for the work that we have done for Metropolitan College of New York.

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Metropolitan College of New York celebrated the opening on it’s Bronx Extension Center on March, 13, 2012. The opening gained television news coverage on News12.


Metropolitan College of New York launched 3 new TV spots for its “I Teach” campaign. The campaign consists of 3 TV Spots.