The lovely College of New Rochelle hosted a seminar and luncheon entitled Powerful Women in Finance yesterday that was both inspiring and indeed, powerful!

By POWERFUL, I am not referring to the arm wrestling matches that were held on the way to the delicious buffet, or the weight training and neck craning demonstrations as the packed auditorium tried to angle for the best view of our speakers, rather I’m referring to the powerful impact of the speakers, and the strong sense of motivation and inspiration in the room from this event.

The triple threat of Peyton Patterson (Bankwell), Carla Harris (Morgan Stanley) and Suni Harford (Citigroup) filled the listeners with a sense of purpose and personal insight. There were so many helpful lessons from this trio, such as advice to find a mentor – someone you can get high level direction from, someone who understands your goals, and who has your best interests in mind.

The Top 3 take-aways for women who WANT to be powerful in their career and life:

1. Tell people what you want (promotions – Suni Harford),

2. Act the way you want to be perceived (tough enough – Carla Harrison), and

3. Be the CEO of your life – Peyton Patterson!

With a combination of confident, passion and faith – every woman can be powerful in her pursuits, finance and life!

Many thanks to the great sponsors, moderator Elizabeth Bracken-Thompson, and President of The College of New Rochelle, Judith Huntington.





I enjoyed hearing the seminar by Peyton Patterson, at the New England Women

In Banking last week, a dynamic group of women working in a field known for

challenges and stress.

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