Telling a story through advertising is one of the most effective ways to run a successful and engaging campaign. However, mastering the art of visual storytelling is certainly no easy task. The narrative that you choose to run with must coincide with your brand ideals and, more importantly, it should be in line with the types of content your audience will react to.


Below you will find three important tips to help you identify the story your brand should tell to make the most impact.

Play on emotion and logic. Instead of speaking of the direct benefit or use for your products or services, shed light on the emotional benefits they offer. For example, if you’re selling lawn care services, center your advertising campaign around how much more relaxed and carefree homeowners can be knowing their turf is in good hands, rather than the specifics of each service. Sure, homeowners know what it looks like to see a freshly mowed lawn, but do they know what it feels like to have their lawns kept fresh and green without lifting a finger? Let your advertising paint that picture.

Solve a problem. At the end of the day, consumers want to know how your products or services can help them succeed. While throwing statistics and results out there might appear to be the fastest way to get your point across, it’s not always the most well-received option. Instead, try telling a story to explain the power of your product and its benefits. Take the Allstate “Mayhem” ad campaign for example. The brand found a clever way to create an ongoing narrative that presents issues that only Allstate is qualified to solve.

Leave some stones unturned. Any good advertising campaign pulls consumers in with just enough to leave them wanting more! The goal of advertising is inevitably to drum up business, so your story should be left open-ended enough for consumers to feel compelled to contact your company for more information.

Here at Creative Partners, finding new ways to ensure your brand voice is heard above the ruckus is a challenge that we’re always excited to accept. Our commitment to developing personalized, relevant and inspiring messaging for each of our clients is unmatched by the competition.

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Story-telling is the most important tool we have – to connect in any medium. The sincerity and relate-ability of a narrative comes across as truth, and that is what audiences and listeners, viewers, readers all sense – if it were on a thermometer it would be a scale in relative reality, as the story becomes more genuine, the listener is more engaged.
A long-time fan and follower of radio podcasts and shows The Moth, and This American Life (listen to The Super, episode 323), I found it interesting that the ‘primitive’ art of story telling is leading us now, as we strive to connect with others – in school, business, news, marketing and politics.
This article in INC. magazine shares the magic of telling true stories through The Moth, which is so much fun to see live  – my favorite is by Lisa Lampanelli  you live the story with the tale teller! I think that’s what we’re going for.
Do you have a favorite source of story? Let us know, we’d love to share.

photo credit: Jill Clardy via photopin cc