There’s no doubt about it — promoting your brand doesn’t come cheap. And while the TV industry has been rocked to its core in recent years, it’s still the most effective channel (pun intended) for advertising.

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For cash-strapped businesses, TV ads may seem out of the question. Fear not! Follow these tips for TV advertising on a budget:

1. Go local. The cost of TV advertising certainly may vary as a result of when you choose to send your message, but what really has one of the greatest impacts on price is where you choose — is your desired channel broadcasted nationally or locally? For instance, Ad Age reports that running a TV spot in the fifth season of “The Walking Dead” (2014) cost an average of $400,000. On the other hand, a local television ad could cost you less than $100, depending on the market.

2. Build an integrated marketing strategy. Don’t spend your entire advertising budget in one place! TV advertisements should complement other (read: less-expensive) forms of advertising for a budget-friendly, cohesive campaign. Incorporate digital methods like social media, link building and search engine optimization to make the most of your TV ads.

3. Get involved in programs viewers want to watch. Can the concept of native advertising be applied outside the digital realm? It’s an idea that’s still being developed. But if brands can find a way to be a part of television shows that audiences are already watching, their advertising won’t feel as disruptive. Rather than interrupting a TV program to promote your brand, build your brand message in. It may not be inexpensive, but you’ll get more bang for your buck.

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It’s not the holiday season unless every TV ad brings you to tears — whether by sadness or joy. And it should come as no surprise; after all, the best ads evoke strong emotion.

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Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite holiday campaigns of the year:

1. Edeka

This TV spot for German supermarket company Edeka takes audiences on an emotional roller coaster ride. We don’t want to completely give it away, but it involves a lonely grandpa coaxing his family to get together for the holidays. In less two minutes, you’ll feel the myriad of emotions that makes this commercial stand out.

2. TK Maxx

An apt slogan sums up TK Maxx’s 2015 ad campaign: “They might not be your dearest, but they’re your nearest.” This heartfelt advertisement out of the UK draws on our predilection to connect with those around us, whether or not we know them at all. Its message will make you want to build a better relationship with the people who make up your community — and isn’t that what the holidays are all about?

3. Kohl’s

The holiday season is about celebrating togetherness, and this ad for Kohl’s hits the nail on the head. As we watch a holiday meal unfold, we’re reminded that there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to family. What makes the advertisement successful is that it feels so normal and so special all at the same time.

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It’s the holiday season, which means advertisers are trying extra hard to tug at our heartstrings. We’ve already seen a plethora of heartwarming holiday ads for 2015, but today we’re going back in time. Below we take a look at some of our favorite holiday campaigns ever:

Our Favorite HolidayCampaigns of All Time

1. M&Ms – “Faint” (1996)

Nobody can forget this classic M&Ms TV spot — despite that fact that it’s a mere 15 seconds long. The ad, also known as “They Do Exist” and “Meeting Santa,” is comical, endearing and relatable all at the same time — a sweet spot for television advertisements. Watch below, and be prepared to start believing again:

2. Folger’s Coffee – “Peter Comes Home For Christmas” (1986)

“Home for the holidays” takes on a whole new meaning in Folger’s 1986 holiday commercial. Watch big brother Peter come home and surprise the family with a fresh-brewed pot of coffee on Christmas morning. Everybody can relate to that feeling of reconnecting with loved ones, and here, Folgers reminds us that a home is all about the familiar aroma of a good cup of Jo.

3. Coca Cola – “Seal and Polar Bears” (1997)

Coke began aligning its brand image with the holiday season in the early 20th century — a truly brilliant move. Perhaps the most memorable of its long history of Yuletide ads is this one, in which polar bears seem to forget that they’re higher in the food chain than seals. Watch Coca Cola make holiday magic occur between would-be enemies in the animal kingdom:

These are just a few of our favorite holiday ads here at Creative Partners. What other commercials would you add to our list? Sound off on Facebook and Twitter.

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Now that we’ve caught our breath, and the lights are back on, we can focus on our favorite Superbowl ads.

We gathered around the conference table the Monday after, and discussed. Here are the ones that spoke volumes.

Official Ram Trucks Super Bowl Commercial “Farmer”


Budweiser Super Bowl Ad 2013 – The Clydesdales Brotherhood

Viva Young – 2013 Taco Bell Game Day Commercial

“Space Babies 2014″ Kia Sorrento Big Game Ad

Volkswagen Game Day 2013 Commercial | Get In. Get Happy.

Doritos® – Fashionista Daddy

What are your favorites?


Thomas College 30 sec TV spot

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Metropolitan College of New York celebrated the opening on it’s Bronx Extension Center on March, 13, 2012. The opening gained television news coverage on News12.


Metropolitan College of New York launched 3 new TV spots for its “I Teach” campaign. The campaign consists of 3 TV Spots.


Dowling College 30 second TV Spots


Metropolitan College of New York launched its “I Teach” campaign.


Congratulations to Metropolitan College of New York for being featured on Channel 7 WABC New York News for the MPA in Emergency and Disaster Management Program & the Haitian effort.