Walk into just about any store in the mall and you’d think it’s the holiday season. Yes, retailers are already revamping aisles and displays for the holidays. Shouldn’t you be preparing your online ad campaigns as well?

This year, more consumers are expected to do their holiday shopping on mobile devices than ever before. At the same time, more people are turning to social media to discover new brands and find the perfect gift.

Facebook Advertising - Preparing for the Holiday Season - Creative Partners

All that said, make the following tweaks to your Facebook advertising campaign now to make the most out of the coming months:

Reconsider your target audience. Do your best to put yourself in the consumers’ shoes. What activities do they enjoy? What are their interests? How do they spend their time — both online and offline? Use Audience Insights, a free Facebook tool, to take a closer look at your audience and its demographics. Pay close attention to data on past purchases, location and lifestyle.

Make your ads mobile-friendly. Facebook reports that, in 2014, almost half of all online shopping traffic came from mobile devices. Moreover, 56 percent of in-store purchases were influenced by mobile experience. If your holiday ads aren’t optimized for mobile and desktop, then you’re missing out.

Budget wisely. It’s important that your brand is visible on and around key dates this holiday season, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. (Companies like Amazon and Best Buy are already releasing sneak peeks at their deals.) Consider advertising limited-time offers — such as free shipping and coupon codes — specifically for these popular events.

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Excited for Thursday? What one dish in your Thanksgiving celebration is specific to your family tradition?

Share your family food traditions here:

Our team at Creative Partners sends warm wishes for a great Thanksgiving holiday!


With Thanksgiving coming up this week, it is a good time to reflect on gathering with friends and family. So often in our increasingly busy, connected world, interpersonal conversations are cut short by technology. We sometimes fail to have rich, meaningful interactions without at least one person taking out their smartphone mid-sentence or mid-meal. Is this the new normal? Is it a generational thing? Let’s take a look at the tricky world of smartphone etiquette.

As mobile usage increases, lines continue to blur in terms of propriety. In a recent study, a third of people interviewed admitted to neglecting other people in real life in favor of their phone. This phenomenon has even spurred a new term, “phubbing,” or phone-snubbing. There is a new moment to combat phubbing, urging people to unplug and interact in real life again. According to, “an average restaurant will see 36 cases of phubbing per dinner session. This is equal to spending 570 days alone while in the company of others.” But it is not all bad news when it comes to dining; a recent study by USC Annenberg found that 62% of people disapprove of keeping a phone on the table during a meal.

It may simply be a generational issue. Not surprisingly, people age 18-24 are more accepting when it comes to mobile usage in public places than older users. Fifty percent of Millennials feel texting is ok while eating a meal, while only 15% of people age 30 and older approve.

Regardless of your age or your score on Angry Birds, when you sit down to your Thanksgiving dinner with your friends and family, remind yourself, “The conversation is heating up. The potatoes are still warm. My phone can wait.”

Happy Thanksgiving from Creative Partners!