Today marks the 30th Anniversary of the debut of the “1984” Commercial from Apple in the Super Bowl.  Does anyone remember who played in that Super Bowl?

The inspiration for the ad is from the “1984” book from George Orwell published in 1949.  For those of you that didn’t read in high school or secondary school, the “Cliff Notes” are that it paints a future of people controlled by “Big Brother.”

In the commercial, a woman with a sledgehammer runs up the aisle and smashes the screen where “Big Brother” is broadcasting.

Apple message to the world was to smash the hold of IBM a.k.a. “Big Blue” in the personal computing market.

The commercial forever changed the “status quo” of what the computer was from the inside out.

Many of us can recall if not viewing the commercial for the first time, when we first experienced our first Apple computer.

Apple’s 1984 commercial has had a lasting effect on advertising to this day.

Advertisers continue to ponder how can they challenge or break the convention that their markets have created.

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